The first Rally School in the world for Rally Pacenote - by Claudio Micci

Club Rallynote  

Rallynote Club® is the network of users of any product Rallynote®, notebooks, books, courses, who decide to recommend these products and services to their friends. And for this they raise money.

Registering is easy.
Place on order just over 20* (only for the launch period, then the quote will go up, so hurry!) and you will be able to activate your subscription to the Club. Once you have confirmed your registration you will have access to your personal control panel, you'll find a link from that moment on, only after you have logged in to the site, under the Rallynote Club menu at the top on every page of the site.

The short video below show you explanations on how to register, how to use links, banners and text ads to promote your code and start to raise money.

Post links, banners and text ads on your site and immediately promote your personal code for a rapid spread.
All the people who come to our site by following your links will be from that moment related to your code! Don't worry if they don't purchase immediately, they can do it even in the days or months later and you will always be entitled to the prize. Even if they will come back here by following the link from another member of the Club, they will still be linked to your code!
For this reason it is important to be the first !

Join the Club Rallynote and start earning money now!

* Vat, discount coupon and shipping costs excluded

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