• Professional codriver copybook!

    Effective with all pacenote system!
  • Professional codriver copybook!

    Effective with all pacenote system!
  • Professional codriver copybook!

    Effective with all pacenote system!
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The first Rally School in the world for Rally Pacenote - by Claudio Micci

Compose it as you wish!

Rally are all different from each other,
so why copybook should be always the same?

Customize your copybook and make it specific and effective for every rally composing it according to your needs.

Rallynote • Kit quaderno

All infos under control

Compose your copybook for your specific needs, with the right number of sheets for pacenotes related to the rally's lenght and with the appropriate plastic coil diameter you prefer.

Rallynote • fogli tempi

Results always updated

Keep the special stages results updated using the specific sheets.

Rallynote • fogli set-up vettura

Keep note of the car set-up

Keep a note about all car setting you use in the event, both pre-event test and event using the sheets designed with former Jan Kopecký's car engineer. It will be very easy for you and your driver use it again in the future to repeat excellent performance.

Rallynote • fogli service park

Prepare the to do list

Arrange the to do list for the service park during the last transfer and hand it to your team manager using the sheets with facilitated tear.

Rallynote • fogli prove speciali

Study the morphology of the special stages

Take note about the characteristic of the special stages on the appropriate sheets and use those informations to make always the right choice of set-up and tyres.

Rallynote • copertine colorate

Choose from many colorful covers

Choose one of the many colorful covers and use the appropriate spaces to write down the main data of the event and each special stage for a better data managing.

Rallynote • molle colorate

Choose the right plastic coil

Collect all with the right coil based on sheets quantity, to keep the easy page shift guaranteed by the materials of Rallynote's notebook.

Rallynote • dettaglio chiusura molla

Last but not least: your safety!

Finally close the spring safely, so it will never be a threat in the car.

Exclusive Features

Dismountable, customizable, safe!
With the plastic coils you open it, dismount it, customize it
and then reclose it safely!
You can use pacenotes in different events without having to rewrite.
It's perfect with every pacenote system!

Matteo Chiarcossi's opinion

"Matteo ChiarcossiFinally something really new in co-driver’s tools!
Quality-note copybook helps considerably co-driver’s work, thanks to a series of innovations both structural and conceptual.

The revolutionary layout of the page for the first time respect the really meaning of a copybook, providing dedicated spaces for all the information normally written and punctually forgot by other products and technical sheets allow you to do a professional and accurate job.

Recommended to all my colleagues."
Matteo Chiarcossi
(3 times European Rally Champion)

Used also by...

  • Mara Bariani
    2014 International Rally Cup Winner
    2012 Tarmac Trophy winner
  • Matteo Chiarcossi
    3 times European Rally Champion
    Italian Rally Champion
  • Paolo Rocca
    2015 1st overall Riviera Ligure Rally
    2014 2nd overall Italia Rally Talent
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